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Growing your healthcare business through patient satisfaction A lot of business advice on growing aesthetic treatment practices is focussed on marketing and SEO. But no matter how slick your website, how great your ads, the key factor in selecting a cosmetic surgeon for the majority of patients is recommendation – word of mouth. So a

Cut costs; ease reporting; satisfy stakeholders So you’ve grown your private practice from one, to two or more laser eye treatment clinics. With the massive rise in the popularity of LASIK, PRK and similar treatments, it’s a growth industry and business is good. You can see the possibilities in expanding your reach even further. But

Build your brand; streamline your business; get investment-ready Do you own a hotel, restaurant, coffee shop, pub, B&B or other hospitality business? Do you plan to expand from small concern to major chain? Then why not join us for our first South East Hospitality Breakfast: The Westwood Hotel Hinksey Hill Oxford OX1 5BG Thursday 17th

It’s much more than just accounting Companies offering BPO services are fast becoming the secret weapon the many a successful business’ arsenal. But many entrepreneurs are still in the dark about the range of cost-effective support offered by a full-service Business Process Outsourcing company such as ours. Aren’t we just much the same as an